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A Sit Down With Panerai Lover Peter Kovacs

Over the past year a lot has happened for us here at Panerai Central. We have grown exponentially thanks to all the amazing people who share a common passion. This common thread and love of Panerai has introduced me to a lot of great Paneristis around the world that I otherwise might have never met.  I thought it would be nice to start a series that we will call “Interview with a Paneristi”. We will try to interview people who share this passion and give you a little insight into their world.

Our first participant is footballer Peter Kovacs. Peter has quickly become one of my go to guys when I need a great picture to fill the Panerai Central Instagram feed. He has a knack for style and a huge love of Panerai. Peter is a footballer that plays striker for the Champions of the 2013 Tippeligaen, Stromsgodset. Recently Peter  went above and beyond and sent me the shirt he actually wore during the championship game. He also took the time out to have it signed by the entire team which was amazing considering how much of a sports fan I am. It just goes to show you that there are amazing and generous people out in the word. I am forever grateful and am glad I can share this interview with all of you.

PC – First off, thanks for taking the time out to conduct this interview with PC. What got you into your love of watches?

PK – I have always been interested in watches cause this is our jewelry. I think a solid time piece gives self confidence and a good feeling on the wrist. Combining my interest with fashion these are my hobbies i have to say and i am loving both!!

PC – I see that your main collection mainly consists of Panerai. Who or what got you interested in the Panerai brand?

PK – I am a pretty tall guy (6 foot 5) with a massive wrist and the Panerai sizes (44 and 47 mm) are really fit me. The brand is not old as u know but it became one of the most liked time piece in the world in relatively short time! The case, the design and the history is just brilliant and very masculine too although i see quite a few girls wearing them too.

PC – What was the first Panerai you ever purchased?

PK – My first Panerai was a classic 090 on a black strap. Really loved it and since i had several models as u can see on the IG pics :-). Usually i change or sell them after a while if i grab a good deal but sometimes i wonder why don´t i keep them allEmoji

PC – If someone came and said you have to get rid of all your Panerai watches and could only keep one from your current collection, which one would it be and why. I know it’s a nightmare to think of but try. LOL

PK – A nightmare question… I have to say i would keep my newest and the nicest right now the 372. The finish, the case, the design and the movement is just fantastic, it really fits my me!! But my heart would cry to get rid of the other models…

PC – Looking at the current Panerai models out there which one are you wanting to purchase as your next piece and why?

PK – My biggest favorites are 217 destro, 339 and 341. The 341 is obviously is too expensive and it will always be only a dream but one of the other two above mentioned model can be reachable in the future hopefully.

PC – If you were to design your own Panerai Model what would it be. Which case would you use, color hands, dial style, etc….you have any possibilities so what would it be?

PK – I like black watches, black on black so it would be like that. 1950 case, the dial would be like on the Ghost model (237) with gold hands and a power reserve of 168 hours! Now that would be an awesome creature!!! 

PC – Have you tried to convert some of your teammates into Panerai lovers as well?

PK – No, they are not really into watches and if some of them are, they only know the safe models i should say like Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer etc. But one day maybe 🙂

PC – Are there any watch brands that you own? If so what are they?

PK – Yes, i have a Breitling right now, 2 IWC vintage, 1 JLC vintage and 2 Sevenfriday models. Beside PAM my favs are the JLC and IWC models.

PC – As many of your followers know you are definitely a fashion guy and put some amazing combinations together. Have you always been interested in mens fashion or is something a bit more recent? Are we about to see a ton of magazine photo spreads in the future?

PK – Yes, i have always been quite interested in fashion and combine things together, make things stylish. Never been really focused on brands and usually i don´t buy mega expensive pieces. I think the way you dress is certainly gives a first impression what kind of personality u have and i feel its important to show respect to people the way u dress.  Haha, u never know with the magazine it would be a good experience 🙂 If u know someone over there who is interested to put a soccer player from Scandinavia on their magazine just let me knowEmojiEmoji

PC – Some of my followers might not be aware that you are a footballer playing for Stromsgodset in the Tippeligaen. Congrats on your Championship last season of course after 40 years. Have you always wanted to play football professionally when you were a child? Was there something else you wanted to be?

PK – Thanks very much, it was a massive achievement!!! Now this season we try to defend the title!!!  Yes, football was always my first priority since my dad played football on a pro level back in the seventies and eighties. He was a defender and i became a striker so thats a difference there 🙂 Actually i was a very good handball player too (don’t know if handball even exists in USA) but football was my first sport and sticked with that after a while! Now beside football I study too and hopefully within a few years i can take over a club as a sports director! That would be great but i need lot of experience and patience to get there!
PC – How does it feel to know your likeness and character is in such games like FIFA and kids all over the world can play the game using you as a player?

PK – Thats funny to see those things and getting feedbacks how good or how bad i am on those games 🙂 Its amazing that they have all kind of statistics of real players which describes almost perfectly the skills they have on the football pitch!! But if I  am not performing u can just sell me, no problemEmoji

PC – Thank you Peter for taking the time out to answer a few questions, is there anything you want to share with the rest of the Panerai fans in the world?

PK – Just one short message!! STAY PANERISTIEmoji

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