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Panerai Rubber Straps

I am sure you have been searching all over the internet for a custom strap for your Panerai and don’t know where to go and who to buy from. This small list will give you a breakdown of the best custom aftermarket Panerai Strap makers in the industry. We have had the luxury to review some of these custom strap makers and have included the links next to their names. Hopefully this extensive list of aftermarket Panerai strap makers will make your decisions a little easier.

You can check out reviews of our featured strap makers by following this link.

Aftermarket Panerai Strap Partners

Name Location Reviews
Attirail Straps France 1
Brusnitcyn Bespoke Straps Russia 1
Cavalcanti Straps Indonesia 1
David Lane Design USA 1 – 2
DaLuca Straps San Diego, CA 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
Dangerous9Strap Germany 1
Gunny Straps Indonesia 1
Hanzoku Leather Works Southern California 1 – 2
Maddog Straps Austria 1
Mr. TipTop Leather Denmark 1
Pulcher’s Leather Indonesia 1
Rubber B Switzerland 1
Salvadore09 Straps Indonesia 1
Strap Works Hong Kong 1
Ted Su Taiwan 1
The Strap Smith – Rob Montana USA 12
The Watch Strap Store USA 12
Tunx Straps Indonesia 12
Vintager Watch Straps USA 1
Vissuto Straps Netherlands 1


List of Aftermarket Custom Strap Makers


Name Location Prices
2D Straps Italy 40-70€
Allison Leather Works USA $200+
Atelier du Bracelet Parisien France $250-700
Atelier Du Cuir Korea $55-350
B1600 Straps France €95
Banda Hong Kong $40-200
Bas & Lokes Australia $100-140
Big Chief Leather USA $99+
BJ Strap USA $50+
Corrigia Germany €50-170
Cheergiant Leather Taiwan $70+
C.T. Designs USA $17-225
Combat Straps Canada $110-145
d8b Straps Europe $150-300
David Lane Design USA $100-275
Devil Seam Straps England £69+
DON Straps Canada $30-225
Dirk Belgium $175
Europelli USA $115+
Falcon Straps Czech Republic $80-110
Ferretti Watch Straps Italy €150
Fransson Straps Switzerland $125-225
Greg Stevens Designs USA $165+
Guillermo (Torromoto) Straps Europe €110+
Gunny Straps Indonesia $90-135
Handmade99 Malaysia $50-200
Handmakestrap Hong Kong $99-199
HalCyon Straps Malaysia $99-149
Heroic18 Hong Kong $85-184
HKTan Hong Kong $100-200
Horotomo Straps Singapore $36-$66
Jabba Straps Romania $92-152
JnS – Jason and Sharon Singapore $120+
Jok’stRap Malaysia $80-200
JSwing USA $125+
Julien Landa Netherlands $135-175
K-Straps USA $95-$195
Kain Heritage Hong Kong $76-$99
Kastantona Straps Cyprus $45-95
Kazimon Turkey €29
Kostas Straps UK $189+
Lederarts Switzerland $80-200
Lupo Italia Italy €59-85
Maddog Straps Austria $99+
Malio Straps Indonesia $70+
Manifatture Firenze Italy €70+
Mario Paci Italy $209+
Mustang Straps Spain €25-75
NuboStrap Canada $100-150
Organic Straps Turkey $25-300
OrijinWorks Indonesia $50+
Orloff Straps Italy €75+
Panatime USA $15+
Paolo18 Straps USA $110+
Patagonia Straps South America $149
Pauron Straps Russia $70-100
Prime Straps NC, USA $120-160
Red12 Straps USA $150
Rusty Straps USA $110+
SanDave USA $150-250
Savage Straps USA $105+
Saxon Verreno Hong Kong $70-130
Shane Delaurian France $200+
Septimus Leather Straps France €90-140
Simona Italy €120-200
SNPR Straps USA $50-80
Steve-O-Straps UK $38.50
Stone Creek Straps USA €60-135
Stonee Straps Thailand $80-200
Strap Culture Hong Kong $80-120
StrapLuxe USA $118
Strapmasters USA $149+
Straps 66 Singapore $130+
Taikonaut Hong Kong $50-230
Ted Su Taiwan $180-300
Toshi Straps United Kingdom £55+
TWB – The watch Boys Canada $30-100
V28 Customs Indonesia $60-90
Vintager Straps by Micah USA $135-200
Vintash Straps Canada $150
Waccex BOB Straps Germany $40-100
WotanCraft Straps Taiwan $109-249
Wristart24 (Pantast) Thailand $40-80
Zergun Straps Hong Kong $69-109
Zeugma Straps Turkey $135-200
Zurco Handmade Straps The Philippines $39-65

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  1. Missing DaLuca Straps in the list.

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