Panerai Releases

Panerai PAM1661 Carbotech Luminor Marina

Every since the first Carbotech Submersible (PAM616) released in 2015, there has always been a real thirst for 44mm watches using the material. Panerai did release the PAM661 Which was a nice looking piece but it was a bit of a hybrid between the Luminor and Submersible style with the dial that had dots instead of numerals. Flash forward to …

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6 New Panerai Luminor Due Models Introduced


Hot off the presses, Panerai has released a slew of new Luminor Due timepieces. Okay it’s only 6 of them but that’s a pretty substantial number no matter how you look at it. These 3 pieces range from 38mm to 45mm and all feature automatic movements. In 2016, Panerai introduced the new Luminor Due line which offered the classic look …

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The New “Edizione Verde Militare” (Military Green Edition)


While I was in Geneva in 2019 for SIHH, as with many other brands, I was able to see some pieces that were not official releases but things that are in the pipeline. I had the opportunity to see these 4 beauties and had to keep the pictures and discussions about it under wraps since they were not actually marked …

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A New Dial Look Introduced with the PAM977 & PAM978


Stainless steel. We know Panerai uses this versatile material to create a majority of their iconic timepieces. They have even created watches that feature a full stainless steel bracelet. But for the first time they have used this strong and robust steel as a dial. With the introduction of the 42mm PAM977 and 44m PAM97, Panerai has utilized a brushed …

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SIHH 2019 – The PAM01039 Luna Rossa Carbotech Submersible


At SIHH2017 Officine Panerai announced their partnership with the America’s Cup released a number of watches sponsoring Team Oracle from the United States as well as Team Softbank from Japan.  As a continued theme to the association of Panerai with the Sea with it’s innovation and beauty, Panerai CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué and Patrizio Bertelli, President of Luna Rossa and CEO …

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Panerai Ushers In a New Era of Watch & Experience Combo with the PAM983

Panerai PAM983 Submersible

With the watch industry doing more and more collaborations recently, Officine Panerai has embraced this idea and taken it to another level under the helm of Jean-Marc Pontroué. In my exclusive interview Mr. Pontroué alluded to some interesting experiences and events that will be coming up in the near future with special edition watches. This idea was to give the …

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Explore the Arctic with Mike Horn and Learn About Saving the Earth With a Panerai Experience


During this years SIHH we have introduced you to two different experiences that are coupled with amazing special edition watches. The first was the Panerai PAM that came with unique diving experience with the world record holder Guillaume Néry (PAM982). Next was the PAM Carbotech Submersible Marina Militare that came with a training session with the ComSubIn (PAM961), the Italian …

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SIHH 2019 – Panerai PAM00984 Mike Horn Edition Submersible 47mm

In the early years of Panerai everyone knew that Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were huge Panerai enthusiasts. But not everyone will know that Mike Horn, the world renowned explorer has been a Panerai lover and brand ambassador for over 15 years. His first special edition piece was the PAM92 Arktos, celebrating his circumnavigation of the arctic circle by himself …

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SIHH 2019 – Panerai PAM00979 Marina Miltare Carbotech


If you have been following our posts during SIHH2019 you will quickly find a pattern happening with the releases, Carbotech and Submersible timepieces. There is doubling down and then there is the all-in move and Panerai is taking the latter route this year in Geneva. In line with movement, enter in the Panerai PAM00979 (PAM979 for short), a blacked out …

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SIHH 2019 – PAM683 & PAM959 42mm Luminor Submersible

Panerai PAM683

As we are starting to see the trend from this SIHH2019, Officine Panerai has a renewed commitment to the Submersible line of Luminor with a slew of additions to its lineup. Where the brand began it has now returned. With true enthusiast divers watches made to be taken to the depths of the sea and worn as the rugged timepieces …

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