Strap Reviews

Panerai Strap Review – Rubber B SwimSkin® Gator Strap

Swim Skin Rubber B

What’s going on everyone? It’s been a while since we sat down and talked straps. So what better way to get things started again than with a strap that is just perfect on so many levels for the Panerai owner.  We all can agree that for the most part a gator strap gives our timepieces a very luxurious look but …

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Brusnitcyn Custom Grey Alligator Strap

Brusnitcyn Custom Straps

Introduction On my aftermarket strap journey I have had the luxury of stumbling upon a lot of companies that I would not have heard of if not for the power of social media. Doing my nightly routine of enjoying the wonders of Instagram, I came across a new strap maker out of St. Petersburg, Russia. They are named Brusnitcyn Bespoke …

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Panerai Strap Review – Kyros Handmade Project 74

Kyros 74 Strap Panerai

Introduction If you are a fan of Panerai history and love the vintage look that they possess, then you are also most likely draw into the many different straps that are available for these beautiful watches. One particular segment of the strap market is based solely around using vintage leathers or even distressing the leather to give it an artificial …

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Panerai Strap Review – Pulchers Green Canvas Strap

pulchers strap

Introduction It’s been quite a while since we had a Pulchers Leather Panerai strap review here on Panerai Central. So when they reached out and said they had some new products in their lineup and would love for me to check them out, who am I to say no? This overseas leather worker does more than just make watch straps, they …

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Strap Review – Mr. TipTop Dark Brown Double Croupon

tip top leather panerai strap

Introduction As we mentioned in our earlier strap review of Mr. TipTop Leather, we have a series of reviews for his collection.  This dark brown double croupon leather with minimal stitching is the second of this series. We hope you enjoy the review as much as we love the strap. Looks This dark brown  strap uses croupon leather, which is untanned, …

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