Strap Reviews

Strap Review – Mr. TipTop Leather Vintage Brown Strap

tip top leather panerai strap

Introduction In a quest to always find the finest and best straps available for my Panerai watch I usually do a search online to find leather workers from around the world to see what they have to offer. Other times I get lucky and a master craftsman happens to find me. This was the case a few weeks back when I received …

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Strap Review – Cheap Watch Straps Ballistic Nylon Canvas

the watch strap store

Introduction This week I opened up the mail to find a quartet of ballistic nylon canvas straps from a discount site called Cheap Watch Strap Store. Usually I am a bit skeptical of these sites and the straps they offer because they tend to not be good quality. I figured I would do what I do with any strap I …

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Panerai Strap Review – Pulchers Amazone Leather Strap

panerai custom strap

Introduction This week we take a look at another fine strap made by Pulchers Leather. This time we went a little outside the box and selected the green Amazone strap from their Suit Matchers collection. Looks The Amzone is made of genuine calf leather that is a 2 layer design and dyed to the perfect green color. The overall thickness …

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