New Pam.Guard Gives Panerai Owners Up To 8 Years of Warranty!

The launch of Pam.Guard, an expansive care program developed to promote deep engagement with the Panerai’s world, is the brand’s latest project to expand and enhance customer experience. Participation in the program officially extends the international limited warranty for eligible watches up to eight years.

Pam.Guard debuts November 26, 2019. The concept was conceived, designed and executed by Panerai and its Laboratorio di Idee, the creative and technical heart of the Maison. Its research and development team applied the same rigor to building the advanced digital

Pam.Guard platform as it does to the mechanical and material introductions destined for Panerai watches. The result is a portal that offers an unprecedented connection to the brand.

The first step to access the world of Pam.Guard is creating a personal profile using the intuitive, user-friendly interface found at Once a profile is active, users will be able to register their watches online. Eligibility for Pam.Guard is limited to watches purchased no more than two years prior to registration.

Together with the reliability of its watches, Panerai reaffirms its reputation as a preeminent maker of timepieces with high technical and mechanical value – a reputation already established with a legacy of sophisticated, pioneering models.


“Pam.Guard communicates the true spirit of Panerai. Thanks to its strong, incisive concept, it goes beyond the traditional notions of customer support to reflect the advanced and innovative thinking that has always characterized the brand. It is a tool dedicated to the clients’ community, who Panerai guides on an interactive journey to fully understand the technical and historical ethos of the brand. A proactive form of engagement with consumers and at the same time a way to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Panerai community. With this long-term vision, extending the international limited warranty is a natural, virtually inevitable step.

This commitment was made possible by the very high level of technical efficiency and reliability achieved by watches produced by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel,” says Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai.

Pam.Guard goes beyond the concept of a conventional care program. It is a highly customized service interface accessible through multiple devices and formats (desktop, mobile, iPad, WeChat), that can also be activated at Panerai and authorized retailers’ boutiques.

Personalized newsletters will call registered Pam.Guard members to deepen their knowledge of the brand at Panerai point of sales in the world. They are essential part of the immersive, Pam.Guard experience, as are a series of special gifts and a watch check-up scheduled at the end of the third year.

To draw attention to the distinct mission of the Pam.Guard program, the Laboratorio di Idee devised for it a signature logo that depicts the iconic Luminor Marina PAM01312 dial, a universally recognizable and evocative image of Panerai.

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In recent months which Richemont Maisons have introduced Care Programs?

All Richemont Maisons, including Panerai, share a common objective, which is to continuously offer our clients the highest levels of service.
– Each Client Care program is the responsibility of its individual Maison. Questions regarding the policies of other Maisons should be addressed to them directly. Panerai does not comment on the strategies of other Maisons.

What is the difference between Pam.Guard and the other Maisons’ Care Programs?

-Pam.Guard’s benefits go beyond an eight-year warranty extension, which is a common feature among the Richemont Maisons’ Care Programs.
– With its extended eight-year product warranty, Panerai reaffirms its storied reputation as a preeminent maker of highly reliable timepieces with superior technical and mechanical standards.
– During the eight-year Pam.Guide program commitment Panerai will remain in contact with clients to anticipate their requests and preferences through personalized newsletters, gifts and boutique experiences.
– Pam.Guard expands beyond the traditional notion of customer assistance. It is an interactive journey to deepen clients’ knowledge and engagement with the brand.

Which watches are eligible for Pam.Guard?

– Eligibility for Pam.Guard is limited to watches purchased no more than two (2) years prior to no more than two years prior to the program’s launch date.
– The Pam.Guard program is retroactive and customers owing a watch purchased over the last two year prior to the program launch can benefit from the Pam.Guard international limited warranty extension.

Are there limits on Pam.Guard participation?

The Care Program is limited to one account per person. Participation in the program cannot be sold, transferred or assigned to anyone else.

How does someone subscribe the program?

– It is simple to initiate a subscription at An account may also be activated at Panerai boutiques and retailers’ authorized boutiques.
– The user-friendly interface is accessible using multiple devices and formats (desktop, mobile, iPad, WeChat)

What happens after the subscription begins?

The brand will connect to its loyal clients through:

– Online support: specific information and maintenance advice for timepieces will be provided on the platform

– Personalized newsletters

– Gifts

– A functional check-up

Why an 8 years extension and not a longer one (ex. 9-10)?

– Our Maison continuously strive to offer their clients the highest levels of service excellence and this service put us at the head of our industry

Why does Pam.Guard have its own logo?

– To express our strong commitment to the new care program we created a distinct logo for Pam.Guard depicting the iconic Luminor Marina PAM01312 dial, which is universally recognizable.
– The logo conveys the fundamental message that Pam.Guard is a Panerai project offering an extension of the international limited warranty for up to 8 years.

How does Pam.Guard reflects the Maison’s values?

– Pam.Guard was conceived, executed and developed by Panerai and its Laboratorio di Idee with the same rigor and passion applied to the technical and material innovations of the watchmaking process.
– The features of a Pam.Guard subscription extend beyond product care and strengthen the connection to the Panerai Community.

What are the next steps in the extension of international warranty field?

– Panerai has been a pioneer in the field of international limited warranty extension, as demonstrated by the 50-year warranty of the Panerai LAB-ID.
– Pam.Guard represents the next step in this direction, but certainly not the last.
– An important evolution in this area will be disclosed in coming months.

Please describe the availability of customization services.

– Every watch is as unique as its owner. Pam.Guard is an effort to proactively meet clients’ personalization goals.
– Customers are invited to visit Panerai boutiques worldwide to learn about unique customization options, like the potential to enhance a watch’s strap with laser engraving and leather embossing.

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