PAM1466 & PAM1543

PAM01466 & PAM01543 – An Innovative Material Joins The Luna Rossa Collection

Continuing with the Luna Rossa theme at this Watches and Wonders 2024, we have a pair of new 44mm Submersibles that will be joining the very popular collection. These pair of beauties are known as the QuarantaQuattro Luna Rossa Ti-Ceramitech.

With Panerai, most of the innovations in new materials have come on the backs of the Submersible line. Think Bronzo & BMG-Tech to name a couple. Continuing with that tradition, the PAM01466 & PAM01543 feature a cutting edge material known as Ti-Ceramitech. This material has been 7 years in the making at the Laboratorio di Idee which epitomizes the brands dedication to advances technologies while embodying the spirit of the Luna Rossa’s quest for daring performances.

The materials used in the 44mm watches cases are inspired by the high performance competitive environments of the Luna Rossa. Panerai has filed a patent application for the titanium ceramization process through Electrolytic Plasma Oxidation which allows the material to achieve a very distinctive hue of blue. This process transforms the titanium alloy surface into a dense ceramic layer. Combined with the electrolyte composition, this allowed the creation of this beautiful hue. This technique yields a significantly enhanced hardness to the case which as well as being 44% lighter than it’s steel counterparts. This material has a fracture toughness ten times that of traditional ceramic, creating a watch that can withstand high pressure as well as high thermal stress.

The advancements in materials is not just limited to the iconic Panerai case. The bezel as well reflects the advanced pursuits of the manufacture. Machined titanium is ceramized and then meticulously reworked to reveal the metal beneath at strategic points, creating an eye catching contrast in the materials which punctuate the crown and it’s lever, the edge of the indexes on the bezel, the case back, as well as the trapezoidal buckle. The blue shade that is a result of the ceramization process is so unique, that it pushed the development of a bespoke color for the straps that come with the watch.

Taking a look at the two watches that house all of these new technological advances in materials we see two contrasting dials to choose from. The PAM01466 evokes the spirit of the sea with this sun brushed blue dial while the PAM01543 features a matte white grained textured dial. Both pieces feature a red sub second dial hand which pays tribute to the racing teams vivid identity.

Each submersible is powered by the P.900 automatic calibre which has 3 days of power reserve. They feature a 50 bar (~500 meter) water resistance rating. Each piece comes with 2 straps, one being a bi-material rubber and blue textile with a red stripe showcasing the Luna Rossa name in white and the second is a uniform blue rubber strap.

The 2 new timepieces are scheduled to be in boutiques and authorized dealers by July 2024 leading up to the America’s Cup Races. The PAM01466 will be available everywhere while the PAM01543 matte white dial will be a boutique exclusive.

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