Dilusso Luxury Surprise Box

Panerai Central and Dilusso Luxury Surprise Box Join Forces

We have seen them everywhere, the monthly subscription boxes that try to give the user a sense of style or all the sample facial products you can handle. Now imagine a surprise box that is on steroids and trumps all that you can imagine. Well the founders over at DILUSSO Beverly Hills have done just that. They have created a box that is built purely on passion for luxury goods. CEO Paul Chakhour says “We derive great inspiration from the idea of celebrating each member’s success, achievement and significant milestones, by creating a memorable luxury surprise experience that they can look back on fondly throughout their lives.”

DILUSSO Surprise Box - Panerai Central

The centerpiece of these amazing luxury boxes happens to be one of my favorite things, fine Swiss timepieces from all the major brands and some very exclusive independent ones you might not be very familiar with but will grow to love. To compliment the swiss timepiece, DILUSSO Luxury Boxes will also include luxury essentials that any man would love to have such as wallets, cufflinks, and fine bespoke products that you might have never thought about. One aspect of the DILUSSO box that I found very interesting and exciting are the different type of experiences that come along with the box you purchase. Each box will also include an experience that most people don’t have access to such as the Grammy’s, F1 racing events, exclusive restaurants, and more. Boxes start at an entry price of $15,000 and can go up to over $250,000.

Panerai Central Dilusso Box

As you can tell when DILUSSO contacted me about possibly being one of the first curators of their luxury box I was ready to jump on board! I’m pretty sure you can figure out what type of Swiss timepiece will be included in the Panerai Central curated DILUSSO box.  You will have to wait till your box is hand delivered by DILUSSO to know what model I have chosen for you if are a lucky enough to purchase one of my limited edition boxes.

DILUSSO Hand Delivery

That’s right if you purchase a DILUSSO Luxury Box and live in North America, the founders will hand deliver the box right to your door. International orders have different delivery terms at the moment but will possibly include the home delivery in the future.

If you are looking for a gift for the man that has everything or just want to get yourself something that is outside the box then look no further than the Luxury Surprise box from DILUSSO Beverly Hills.

Website – http://www.dilusso.us

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