Panerai in the Resale Market

Panerai watches are very sought after and are incredibly valuable in the resale market. Many celebrities, politicians, and watch connoisseurs sport Panerai watches of all styles. The market demand for Panerai watches, both new and pre-owned has been high for a long period of time, making this watch a true classic, never going out of style. There are a few other unique aspects of Panerai watches that we will delve into a bit here:

The Box
“Don’t judge a book by its cover”- We’ve all heard this one before. With this watch, it is a very different case. In fact, the package that this watch arrives in most certainly reflects the value of its contents. When someone is selling a Panerai, it is crucial that the box it came in is intact and with all of the pieces. The box should include a screw driver, pushpin, and an extra changeable strap.

Panerai was the first watchmaker to create self-changing straps. This is why every box comes with a small screwdriver and/or pushpin, in order to release and change the straps. Every Panerai watch comes with at least one extra strap. The straps, which come in adjustable shapes and a variety of colors and materials are a point of pride for Panerai. They are all designed and handcrafted in the true Italian craftsmanship associated with the Panerai brand name.

The Papers
Every luxury watch is expected to be accompanied with certification papers. These papers include a model number, serial number, series, and model name. Panerai of course includes this kind of certification but goes even further to provide secondary papers. The secondary papers go further into detail with performance statistics, test results, instructions, and a unique ID number. The secondary papers go a long way in the verification process and add value in a resale process.

Panerai at iPawn
At iPawn, we’ve gotten to see some special Panerai pieces. As it is quite popular, they fetch high resale prices. We value Panerai watches to such an extent, that our very own in-house watch expert wears on himself and prefers it over most other luxury watch brands.

Here are some of the great models that have come through our offices recently:

FS PAM 287 Radiomir Black Seal
PAM177 Ti
PAM 164

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