Panerai Innovates Again with New PAM1663 Fibratech™

We have seen throughout the years that Panerai has made it a mission to innovate with new materials such as Carbotech, EcoTitanium, and BMG-Tech to name a few. One thing in common is that these materials were all introduced first with a Submersible watch. But today there are a slight change to the routine that we have grown accustomed to. Today Panerai introduces a brand new material, Fibratech™ on a 44mm Luminor watch. It’s only fitting they did this given it is the 70th anniversary of what has become the Icon in the brand, the Luminor.

So what is Fibratech™? With a new renewed sense of earth preservation thanks to ambassadors like Mike Horn, this material is obtained with natural and eco-sustainable row fibers. Fibratech™ is a composite that is 60% lighter than steel and completely resists corrosion thanks to the expertise and innovation of the Panerai Laboratorio di Idee.

The material, which has been tested in the aerospace industry, was further developed and refined by Panerai in order to give it shape to its watches. Essentially at the core of Fibratech™ is mineral fibers produced by the fusion of Basalt Rocks. If you are unfamiliar with Basalt Rocks, they are the rocks that are left behind by lava from a volcano when it cools rapidly and is very magnesium and iron rich.

Fibers from the basalt rockets are binded with polymer which are made into thin layers which are superimposed in a precise orientation and pressed together with extreme temperature and pressure through a controlled process. The result is a case material, much like Carbotech™ which is very unique and no two watches will have the same pattern. The end result is a beautiful matte grey textured finish.

The PAM1663 is one of 2 watches that feature this amazing new material created by Panerai. The other is the PAM1119 which is part of the 70 year anniversary Limited edition with 70 year warranty with a few slight variations. The PAM1663 contrasts the grey case with a Carbotech™ bezel and crown guard mechanism.

The dial is what has become to be the iconic combination for the Luminor. A sandwich dial with hour and minute hands, sub second to the right of the 9, and a date window in place of the 3. The color chosen for the dial is a gradient dark blue finish which almost disappears into the rest of the watch blending it nicely.

At the heart of the PAM1663 is the in-house P.9010 automatic movement with 3 days power reserve. The case back is solid titanium and will have an etched OP Logo.

The Fibratech™ watch is fitted with a strap made of Sportech™, which is a woven material which is waterproof and has a rubberized effect with blue stitching. You also receive a second strap which is a blue rubber.

The PAM1663 will be available for purchase in January of 2021 and will be part of their core collection priced at $16,000 USD.


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