Panerai Navy Seals Xperience – Daily Live Look

So earlier this month I got a call that not only got me excited but also bummed me out to another level. Panerai wanted to invite me out to the Navy Seals Xperience that only a select few will be able to go if they purchased the PAM1325 Navy Seal Collaboration timepiece. Who wouldn’t get excited to be a part of this historic and memorable event. But unfortunately for me the timing happened to coincide with me recovering from an achilles tendon tear and surgery that forced me out of the experience that had excited me to another level. That excitement turned into absolute disappointment that I wasn’t able to be a part of a once in a lifetime Panerai Xperience.


After coming to grips with the realization i’m gonna be home, I decided that I would work with Panerai and at least give a live look day by day of the Panerai Navy Seals Xperience as best I could. Yes, it is hard to see all the pictures and events and only feel left out but I’m gonna push through and bring the followers an idea of how one of these events go. Time to recover fast and hopefully get a chance at another experience in the future.

I will continue to update this blog post with daily events and pictures so bookmark it and check back.


8:30 AM: The Seals departed on a Panerai branded bus to head over to Quail Creek Sporting Ranch, where they’ll be staying in cabins and conducting a series of mission-based tasks and Navy Seals training.

9:30 AM: Hit the road to Quail Creek. On their way, the Navy Seals trainers simulated a bus kidnapping, which served as the official start of the Navy Seals Xperience.

10:30 AM: The Bus arrived at Quail Creek. Panerai clients and VIP guests had a brief welcome reception and were handed the keys to their cabins and training gear ( Helmets, sunglasses & backpacks).

11:30 AM: Panerai clients picked up their customized camo print lunch boxes and sat around the lodge to have lunch with their designated group members. Clients were divided into three different groups.

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM: 

  • Red Team– conducted an E & E (Escape and Evade) training
  • White Team – were assigned to a combatives training
  • Blue Team– Conducted a pointman training

4:30 PM: Navy Seals clients returned to their cabins to rest for an hour before dinner.

5:00PM: Clients regroup by a firepit to have a group toast and socialize before dinner

Instagram Reel Video For Day 1Click Here



6:00 AM: It was a challenging yet productive morning at Quail Creek Sporting Ranch. A few minutes before sunrise, participants were up and ready for a raw training session and a group shower by the lodge clearing.

7:00 AM: Participants had a group breakfast and a brief break to gear up before heading off to their designated training location.

8:00 AM: Navy Seals coaches held a group meeting at the operations tent to debrief each group about the tasks and goals for the day.

8:30 -11:45 AM: 

  •   Range Rifle training
  •   Range Pistol training
  •   CQB (close-quarters battle) / Combatives

12:00 PM: Participants returned to the operations tent to prepare their MREs lunch. MREs, “Meal, Ready to Eat, ” are self-contained food created by the U.S. military to feed soldiers on the field and with limited access to food facilities. As resources are often limited on the field, our participants had the opportunity to learn about the importance of this common military meal and feed themselves before tackling their tasks for the day

1:00 PM: Navy Seals lead team held a briefing to discuss an urgent mission

2:00 PM: Hostage rescue mission practice

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Hostage rescue insertion, execution & extraction

5:30 PM: Everyone returned to their cabins for a quick change before dinner

6:30 PM: Participants were transported to a beautifully decorated pavilion off Quail Creek’s ranch for an intimate dinner titled “The Wilderness Dinner,” consisting of air, sea, and land courses to honor the terrains on which the Navy SEALs operate.

9:00 PM: To end the special night, retired Naval office and U.S. Navy SEAL Jason Redman delivered an inspirational eulogy about his experience serving in the U.S. military and being struck by a machine gun during an operation.




6:00 AM: Participants sat together for a last group breakfast at Quail Creek.

7:00 AM: Departed Quail Creek and headed to the Navy Seals Museum in Fort Pierce.

8:00 AM: Navy Seals coaches held a meeting on the bus to discuss some pertinent safety guidelines

8:30 AM: Helo training ( 0900 – K – 9 demonstrations for those who preferred not to helo cast)

9 AM – 12PM: Helo casting mission and obstacle course boat drills.

12:30 PM: Participants had one last group lunch together at the Navy Seals museum

1:00 PM: Panerai CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué delivered a touching speech honoring the Navy Seals organization and celebrating Panerai’s client for serving as Seals for the past few days, paying homage to the organization and accomplishing all the assigned missions.

1:00 AM: Panerai awarded special Navy Seals coins to each participant for completing the training and acknowledged those who exceeded each task.

2:00PM: To Wrap up the Xperience, everyone had the chance to tour the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum. Everyone centered around the SEAL wall and placed their hands on the names stamped on it to dedicate a few minutes of silence to those who lost their lives serving the United States of America.


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