New Release – Panerai PAM559 1940’s Tourbillon in Red Gold


The amazing complication of a tourbillon watch is a thing to truly see in person. I have had the luxury of handling a few tourbillons in my life time and I have to say that each time I am in awe of the complication and elegance that it brings to a watch. Granted I am not in a place where I can afford one but it’s never bad to day dream. Officine Panerai hasn’t released a new tourbillon model since the special editions in 2013 which included the PAM446 Ceramic pocket watch and the PAM528 Luminor Lo Scienziato Ceramic Tourbillon. This all changed with the release of the Panerai PAM559 Lo Scienzato at the 2015 Watches and Wonders show in Hong Kong.

The Panerai PAM559 is a 48mm 1940’s case Tourbillon in Oro Rosso (Red Gold) and features the iconic skeltonized dial that shows off the P.2005/S in-house movement. This latest addition to the tourbillon family also gets the prestige of the “Lo Scienziato” designation. This honor is a tribute to Galileo Galilei, the great tuscan scientist, who revolutionized the history of time measurement by formulating the law of isochronism of the small oscillations of the pendulum.

Panerai PAM559 Lo Scienziato

The hypnotic movement of the tourbillon cage that is visible from the front and the back is one of the greatest attractions on any of the tourbillons models that Panerai has released. The case completes a single rotation in 30 seconds as opposed to the traditional 60 seconds and on a perpendicular axis as opposed to a parallel one to the balance wheel. This unique construction compensates more effectively position errors caused by the force of gravity ensuring more accurate time measurement. The rotation of the cage is also tracked by the small dot that is around the sub second dial, rotating twice a minute.

PAM559 BackThe whole movement of the PAM559 is housed in a skeletonized bridge and plates which allow you view the complete movement from front to back. You essentially can see straight through the movement at every gear in motion. The movement features a sub second dial on the 9PM side, AM/PM indicator on the 3PM side, and GMT function with a central hand that indicates the second time zone.

This is the first time that the “Lo Scienziato” has been presented in a 1940’s case of 5NPT red gold.  This piece will be limited to only 3o units world wide and will undoubtedly cost a pretty penny to obtain. If you are feeling like you want to take a quick swim with your tourbillon, then have no fear because this piece is still water-resistant up to 50 meters. Happy Diving.



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