The New “Edizione Verde Militare” (Military Green Edition)

While I was in Geneva in 2019 for SIHH, as with many other brands, I was able to see some pieces that were not official releases but things that are in the pipeline. I had the opportunity to see these 4 beauties and had to keep the pictures and discussions about it under wraps since they were not actually marked for release.

Well that all changes today when I can share some pictures and information about the 4 boutique only pieces that Panerai has released and dubbed the “Edizione Verde Militare” or Military Green Edition. The four Radiomir 1940’s references are the PAM995, PAM997, PAM998, and PAM999. Officially all the newer pieces now have a double zero in front of them like PAM00995, PAM00997, PAM00998, and PAM00999 but to most collectors they tend to leave those out.

PAM998 dial detail

Without no further adieu let’s dive right into this quartet of beauties.   The matte green color that is being used in these designs not only have a strikingly sleek look, they pay tribute to the military background of the brand. All 4 of these pieces are very unique and feature the historic 1940’s Radiomir case which incorporates solid lugs with a crownguard-less design showing off the OP logo on the end of the crown.

The PAM995, PAM998, & PAM999 feature a cushion case that is made of AISI 316 highly polished stainless steel while the PAM997 is made of sandblasted matte black ceramic. While all three share the same matte green dial color each has its own complication that distinguish it as a unique piece all powered by 4 different in-house manufactured movements. Another item that they have in common is the use of a beautiful domed crystal that really accentuates the lines of the case perfectly and gives a perfect distortion to that matte green dial.


The PAM995 is a 45mm polished stainless steel case that is powered by the P.4000 which is the thinnest automatic micro-rotor movement calibre with a 3 day power reserve and has the date, hour, and seconds functionality. The hands on the PAM995 are gold and complemented with a faux vintage colored lume. Retail on the PAM995 is $11,200 USD.

PAM00995 Panerai PAM995 Caseback


Next up is the PAM998 which is powered by the P.4001 micro-rotor automatic Calibre which adds a date,  GMT complication to the same 45mm case as the previous model, an AM/PM indicator within the seconds sub dial to the right of the number 9, and the 3 day power reserve indicator on the movement visible by the clear case back.  Again this piece also has the domed crystal, gold hands, and faux vintage colored lume.  Retail on the PAM998 will run $12,000 USD.

PAM998 GMT PAM998 GMT Caseback


Thirdly we have the PAM999 45mm piece which uses the in-house P.4002 micro-rotor movement which like the P.4001 brings in the GMT complication but instead of having the power reserve on the back of the movement, this one displays it on the lower have of the dial. It is finished off again with the gold accents on the hands and faux vintage lume on the sandwich dial. The retail price on the PAM999 is $12,200 USD

PAM00999 PAM999


Last but not least and definitely my favorite of the 4 watches is the PAM997. With this model, not only do you get a bump up in case size to 48mm you also get a case that is made of a black matte ceramic material. This model is powered by the P.3000 manual wind movement with only the hours, minutes, and sub seconds dial to the right of the 9 and a 3 day power reserve. The price point on the PAM997 jumps up a bit and comes in at $13,300 USD

PAM997 Ceramic Panerai PAM00997

All of the pieces in the collection have a depth rating of 100 meters. Currently there isn’t any information in regards to how many pieces of each one will be released but as soon as we find out we will definitely share it with the community. These pieces are unique to the boutiques only so you better get working on those relationships if you want one of these limited beauties.

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  1. Patrick O’Donnell

    I am seeking and potentially interested in acquiring a Luminor PAM911 dependent, of course, on availability and cost. Might you have one or be able to suggest an alternate source? Unfortunately, I am not interested in the Radomir which is more recent, somewhat similar in appearance, and currently being actively marketed.
    Thank you for your assistance

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