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Panerai Strap Review – DaLuca Straps “Blackburn”


So for the longest time I was looking for a different color strap to sort of POP. I had recently bought a pair of pretty sweet all red Nikes and got a ton of compliments on how it made even the simplest outfits stand out. Then while watching one of my favorite shows, “Shark Tank”, I noticed a sweet looking red alligator strap on the one and only Mr. Wonderful. So that was all I needed as a sign and went looking for the perfect red strap to compliment my Panerai 312. As usual I turned to one of my go to strap makers, Daluca Straps.


After looking through I noticed about 4 different red straps to choose from. After much debate, I finally decided on the Blackburn strap for a number of reasons. The main reason that it appealed to me the most was because the strap was a beautiful rich deep red with a few aged spots where it literally looked burned. Upon receiving the strap in the mail I noticed how thin and light the strap was compared to some of the other ones I have purchased from DaLuca Straps.  It was very flexible and soft to the touch and the color was completely what I wanted.  There is minimal stitching on this strap, which really let the strap shine all by itself.


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With this strap, there are times that you kind of feel like there isn’t a strap even on your wrist. As if the watch is suspended right on your wrist. Because of it’s thin and soft nature I would give this strap a 10 /10 when it comes down the comfort category.


My one concern with this strap of the bat will be the longevity of it because of the soft leather used to make this strap. But I have nothing to fear because at the end of the day I know DaLuca stands behind his Panerai Straps from A to Z.


  • Soft Napa like leather
  • Thin and confortable
  • Beautiful aged look



  • Tail doesn’t stay in the holder due to how soft and thin the leather is sometimes
  • Upper end of the price scale


DaLuca has a number of one off straps and this is one of them. Hopefully Daniel has hidden some more of this sexy leather away and you can reach out to him directly and possibly get one of these made to match your Panerai today.

Strap size 24/24:

  • Custom Sizes Available
  • 139/77mm

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  1. Do they not carry this strap anymore?

    • They don’t have this exact strap since each one of their straps is completely unique and custom made. But if you search on their site for the color “red” you will see many other ones that are basically the same type of leather just different shades of red such as this one.

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