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Panerai Strap Review – Pulcher’s Leather “Stoner”


For the second installment and review of Pulchers Leather we received a very interesting strap named the “Stoner”. The strap company is based out in Indonesia and has a wide variety of options when it comes to style.


The stoner strap is made out of a vey soft calf leather that is very smooth to the touch. The color on the strap is very layered mixing brown, black, and grey tones to give it a very unique stone colored finish. Towards the tip of and lug end of the strap they have created a nice hand finished darker tone to give it the look of a faux patina which compliments the strap nicely.

The construction is done with two layers of leather that has burnished edges making it almost impossible to see the seam. The thickness comes out to roughly 4mm all they way through. The edges of the strap on this particular one is unfinished and gives it a nice rough look that matches the vintage stone look perfectly.

The stitching on this particular strap is done in a light grey thread that is completely hand stitched. On my particular strap the stitching seems a bit off and that might be because of the hand stitched nature but it is not as exact as their other strap and other makers that I have had in the past. When examining the stitches on one side versus the other they didn’t seem to line up. The other place I noticed that they could have taken a little more time on was right near the lugs. The finishing horizontal stitches that lock  the tubes in place are at different levels. One side is finished off higher than the other which is noticeable when you look at it.  Granted you probably won’t notice it when you are wearing the strap but I am a stickler and do like to have everything pretty precise.

The buckle end features a PVD Screw Pre-V buckle, one fixed keeper, and one floating keeper. The keepers themselves each are unique in texture and color pattern giving the strap an added dimension of awesomeness.

The underside of the strap features a solid color dark leather with no patina work on it and the buckle end features a stamp with the Pulcher’s name on it

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The soft calf leather that is used to make this strap is comfortable from the first moment you put it on. The material is very pliable and doesn’t really need much of a break in period to get it going. Just pop it in place on your favorite Panerai and get ready to receive compliments.


The quality of craftsmanship and stitching lead me to believe that this strap will hold up pretty well over time.  The tubes are tightly packed in there and stitching comes to the very end of the strap to lock the tube in place perfectly leaving no room for play.

Overall Impressions

I have to say that I do enjoy the look and feel of this strap. It is a change of page from the normal black or brown strap and can be very versatile.  I think there is some room for improvement when it comes to the stitching but this could have been something one off because the other strap I have from them doesn’t seem to have the same issue. At the end of the day I think with a few quality control checks, they can slowly make their way up the strap hierarchy.

  • $130 – No Buckle (Although they are running a special now where you get the $25 Buckle free)
  • $25 – Buckle (If there is no promotion)


  • Very soft leather
  • Beautiful changes to color on strap.
  • Comes with Buckle and Tubes

No So Good

  • Since they are overseas it does take a bit longer than other strap companies to get your item if they have a lot of orders.
  • Stitching on this particular piece was a bit off and not as exact as I would have hoped for.


All straps are made to order

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