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Panerai Strap Review – Strap-Works “Mustard Calf”


Panerai watches simply aren’t cheap – that’s a given. If you’re like me, upon spending more than a few thousand dollars, you simply can’t afford to spend too much more on aftermarket straps. With spring & summer just around the corner, I wanted to liven up my PAM 000 (Base Logo). After looking long and hard, I came across the Strap-Works “Mustard Calf” strap (from their Original Series). Though the site’s pictures had me convinced that this unique strap was what I wanted, the price is what really sold me… $49 USD with tubes and buckle!


At long last, it seems like spring is finally here! Take a look through some catalogs or visit the mall, chances are you’ve noticed a shift in the color of clothing. The fall/winter’s darker and more subdued colors have been replaced with lighter and more vivid colors. Likewise, it’s important to remember to change your straps accordingly, making the Strap-Works Mustard Calf strap one of the prime options for this season – for anyone!

As its name suggests, this calf strap has a rather unique mustard color, one that is extremely hard to capture via camera. You’re really just going to have to take my word for it when I say that this strap is drop-dead stunning. The grain on the calf leather is beautiful, with darker shades of yellow (nearly brown) subtly spread throughout the strap – just enough of variation without breaking up the color’s consistency. The machine stitched black thread adds that stark contrast needed to help the strap “pop” when worn. Having a polished case, I decided to go with a polished buckle; however, the buckle is available in either a brushed or PVD finish at no extra cost.

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Like nearly all aftermarket straps, this one is somewhat stiff when brand new. Thankfully, flexing the strap back and forth a few times really loosened up the strap and helped the watch settle on my wrist properly. Like the OEM calf straps, this one features a smooth leather liner, making the strap moisture-wicking as well as extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, my 6.5” wrist happens to nearly always fall in between the straps’ notches, and in this case, a custom strap would have easily solved this common issue.


As far as I can see, this strap should hold up as well as standard OEM calf straps. The non-exposed edges typically assist a strap’s longevity – although that is not always the case. Thankfully, I will be providing a revisit for this trap at some point in order to provide you all with an update on the straps’ quality.

Overall Impressions

This strap, in my honest opinion, is nearly as good as it gets at this price point. You really can’t go wrong with this particular option. The unique mustard color is rather easy to match and adds a bit of flavor to your springtime look. The overall build quality is phenomenal for its price – however, the tubes could have been manufactured a little better as their edges were rough, which could easily scratch the inner sides of the watch’s lugs. You really can’t go wrong with one of these straps in your collection – get one and join the mustard club!


  • Beautiful mustard color
  • Contrast stitching
  • Affordable
  • Buckle + tubes included


  • Not customizable (sizing/holes)
  • Tubes’ ends were a bit rough


This is one of Strap-Works more popular straps and is a regular production item so is readily available with included tubes and a buckle. The buckle is a screw-in Pre-V style buckle, available in a polished, brushed, or PVD finish.

Strap size 24/24mm:

  • 125/75mm length
  • 3mm thickness


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