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Watchfinder & Co. exclusive video of the Panerai 025 Submersible

Ever wish you could look over the shoulder of an expert watch maker as he or she services a finally made watch movement? You could always  get lucky enough to go to your favorite watch company’s headquarters and possibly get a tour which might include a few minutes of seeing a watch marker work on a specific piece. But what fun would that be? On top of that I doubt they want someone hovering over their should while they work on a movement that has so many pieces it can make your head spin.

Worry no longer Panerai fans because Panerai Central had the luxury of teaming up with Watchfinder & Co to bring you this amazing video. Sit back and be amazed as the Watchfinder & Co. head watch maker breaks down the Panerai 025 submersible with a calibre OPIII movement and put’s it back together.

This video truly opens your eyes to how much detail and dedication it takes to work with these microscopic pieces. You can also enjoy the beauty of your Panerai just a bit more. We all know how important the movement is to a finely made wrist watch. It is the heartbeat that makes time go by and to see it in its purist form was really a treat.

Please enjoy this video, pass it along to friends, comment and let us know what you think. If this video is something you would like to see more of please let us know so we can cater to all our Panerai fans.

A big thank you once again to Watchfinder & Co.

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