PAM616 Carbotech

SIHH 2015 – Panerai PAM616 Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech

It’s no secret that I am a true fan of the Panerai Brand. I have a love for all types of watches and have a number of different ones in my collection, but let me be very clear in case the website content isn’t clear enough. I LOVE Panerai!

Being a fan of watches it almost seems second nature to love cars just as much. Being a person that loves to modify cars leads me to adding a lot of parts to them and one material is always sought after. Carbon Fiber. From the most average of cars all the way up to the million dollar race cars on the track, there is a NEED for the use of carbon fiber. Some use it for the looks, some for the super lightweight properties, and others like a combination of both.

PANERAI_PAM00616_3-4I have always had a soft spot for the Audemars Piguet forged carbon Royal Oak. To me it combined some of the best materials into a watch that was fit to be on the track. An instant conversation starter because of it’s beautiful waved layers of forced carbon. Like a kid on Christmas day, there is a new toy that has taken my heart and filled it with so much joy that nothing else really matters. Only in this case, it doesn’t matter else you give me the Panerai PAM616 Carbotech has cemented a place in my heart that won’t ever be filled by another piece.

Panerai has always tried to step out of the box much like in 2010 when it came out with the PAM382 Submersible with a case made of bronze. Originally met with a lot of doubt, it has become a grail piece for many Panerai enthusiasts. It has had so much acclaim that they were forced to come out with the PAM507 in 2012 to appease the hungry slew of Panerai fans.

In 2015 The PAM616 has been born from a composite material known as Carbotech, which is based on carbon fiber and has never been used in watchmaking before. Along with all the technical benefits of theCarbotech material, the case features a matte black appearance that varies according to the cutting of the material resulting in each piece being completely unique.PANERAI_PAM00616_DETAIL 1

To form the sheets ofCarbotech, thin sheets of carbon fiber are compressed at a controlled temperature under high pressure together with a high-end polymer, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), which binds the composite material, making it even stronger and more durable. The ensure great aesthetic uniformity Panerai uses carbon fiber sheets that are very long and pressed together in a way that the fibers of each layer are set at different angles compared to the ones above and below it. With this particular structure, the mechanical properties of Carbotech are much higher than similar materials that have been used in other watches such as ceramics and titanium. Carbon tech is not only stronger but it is also lighter and much more resistance to external damage.

The Carbotech case features a rotating bezel that enables the user to calculate the time of immersion and is very helpful as a underwater instrument. Having a piece this beautiful and useful makes me want to go and learn how to dive just so I have a true use for the watch. Who am I kidding I would probably wear this everyday and hide it from any saltwater on this earth. The PAM616 features a black dial with a sub seconds dial at the 9 o’clock location and the date at 3 o’clock. The sub second dial has a marvelous blue hand and blue markers at the 5-second intervals paired with faux lume markets at 15-second intervals. Whether it is the PAM248 cali dial or the ever sought after PAM172 Tantalum, I am a real sucker for blue hands on a Panerai. So it’s no surprise that I absolutely love the addition of the blue markers on this particular piece.

PANERAI_PAM00616_BACKThe PAM616 operates on the P.9000 automatic movement with a power reserve of 3 days. The oscillations frequency of this particular movement is 28,800 vibrations per hour. This workhorse of a movement is fitted and sealed with a solid titanium case back to ensure that this submersible can handle the depths it was designed to go. The case back is then engraved with the “Florence 1860” text as well as the image of the Slow Speed Torpedo (or “pig”) that we Panerai fans have grown to love.

To tie the watch together in a nice package the rubber strap that comes with the PAM616 is personalized with the Officine Panerai logo in blue to match the hands and text on the dial. This is the first time ever that the logo has ever been done in a color in any capacity on a Panerai watch.

It’s the perfect time and place for Panerai to bring such a timepiece to the masses.PANERAI_PAM00616_DETAIL 3 They are unveiling a completely revolutionary composite that is sure to appeal to a wide array of watch collectors. If they asked me right now which piece from SIHH 2015 has gotten my attention, it would have to be the PAM616 Carbontech. Personally I can’t see anyone not liking, if not falling in love with this particular model. I know a lot of people might not think they are able to wear a 47mm timepiece but if you were going to take a chance on one in the Panerai collection, then this would be it. If I only had the means to purchase the Bronzo, Ceramic, and now Carbontech submersibles, then I would be one happy collector. Word is not out if this is going to be a special edition or a regular production model but as soon as we have word, be sure that we will share it with our loyal followers.

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