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Panerai Middle East Road Show 2020 – Recap & Video

Panerai middle east tour

When I started this site around 8 years ago I didn’t know where it would take me.  I knew I started it becuase I had a passion for watches and Panerai was one of my favorites. I was trying to create something on social media that would bring the Panerai community around the world together in a new way. Sharing …

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Panerai Celebrates 70 Years of Luminor With 3 New Pieces With A Twist

2020. It marks the anniversary of the birth of an icon in the Panerai history. It’s now been 70 years since this model was introduced into the watch making world with it’s never before seen and now unmistakable crown guard, sandwich dial, and luminous time markers. At the core of the very original and most iconic pieces in the collections …

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Panerai Innovates Again with New PAM1663 Fibratech™

We have seen throughout the years that Panerai has made it a mission to innovate with new materials such as Carbotech, EcoTitanium, and BMG-Tech to name a few. One thing in common is that these materials were all introduced first with a Submersible watch. But today there are a slight change to the routine that we have grown accustomed to. …

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PAM1108 – First Submersible Tourbillion Ever Created

Embark on an adventure that will face extreme conditions and touch the frontiers of the known world. In natural synergy with the indomitable spirit of one of history’s greatest explorers, Panerai furthers its leading edge identity by giving shape and substance to an exciting new creation: Submersible EcoPangaeaTM Tourbillon GMT – 50 mm Mike Horn Edition (PAM01108), a sophisticated and …

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Panerai PAM1661 Carbotech Luminor Marina

Every since the first Carbotech Submersible (PAM616) released in 2015, there has always been a real thirst for 44mm watches using the material. Panerai did release the PAM661 Which was a nice looking piece but it was a bit of a hybrid between the Luminor and Submersible style with the dial that had dots instead of numerals. Flash forward to …

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Panerai Central Middle East Tour – Official Dates


Over the past couple of year I have done a few events in Dubai and every Panerai fan in the middle east region has been asking when I will visit them and do the same. After years or hard work with the Panerai Middle East Team we are proud to officially announce the Panerai Central and Panerai Middle East tour. …

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New Pam.Guard Gives Panerai Owners Up To 8 Years of Warranty!


The launch of Pam.Guard, an expansive care program developed to promote deep engagement with the Panerai’s world, is the brand’s latest project to expand and enhance customer experience. Participation in the program officially extends the international limited warranty for eligible watches up to eight years. Pam.Guard debuts November 26, 2019. The concept was conceived, designed and executed by Panerai and …

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Panerai Introduces It’s Latest Brand Ambassador – Jimmy Chin


From the early beginnings to the rise of the Panerai brand there have always been unofficial ambassadors of the brand. The iconic figures that have worn this masculine and rugged brand of watches not because they were initially paid, but becuase they truly loved the brand and the way the watches looked. You had the godfather, Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, …

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6 New Panerai Luminor Due Models Introduced


Hot off the presses, Panerai has released a slew of new Luminor Due timepieces. Okay it’s only 6 of them but that’s a pretty substantial number no matter how you look at it. These 3 pieces range from 38mm to 45mm and all feature automatic movements. In 2016, Panerai introduced the new Luminor Due line which offered the classic look …

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