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Officine Panerai to offer Personalized Engraving

Panerai Engraving Featured

As I was strolling through the Officine Panerai social media accounts I noticed a new offering from the luxury brand. They have announced that to parallel their excellence in Italian craftsmanship they will start offering the ability to engrave and personalize your Panerai watch. The engraving is done between the lugs and can be anything that you desire, within reason …

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The Watch & The War – The Story of a Rare Panerai Ref. 3646

Panerai 3464 Type C

The other day I was doing some typical web surfing and I stumbled upon an interesting Panerai video. Of course being the Panerai nut that I am,  I had to take a few minutes to watch it and see what this was all about. I have watched countless hours of reviews on every piece in the Panerai collection, but this …

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The Panerai Snapback Case & Spring Bar Controversy


When Panerai released the PAM634 15th Anniversary Paneristi edition earlier this year it was met with a bit of mix emotions among the forums community that it’s supposed to represent. In most cases the design tends to rise to the top of the discussion boards when a new piece is released and even more so when it’s a Paneristi edition. …

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Panerai Presents Yves Béhar the Design Visionary Award – 2015 Design Miami


Miami, a hot bed for art, life and fashion, was home to the Design Miami/ Design Visionary Award presented by Officine Panerai. This award is celebrates the most significant, tangible, durable contributions made in the field of design at an international level. Officine Panerai CEO, Anegelo Bonati, was on hand to present this award to Swiss Designer Yves Béhar. Mr. Béhar …

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Panerai Bronze 1000 Meter Prototype To Be Auctioned at Christie’s in New York

panerai bronze prototype

On June 17th Christie’s Auction House in New York will have a very special and super rare Panerai Prototype up for grabs. This prototype made entirely of bronze was produced in 1985 under the direction of Alessandro Bettarini. During the development of these utility pieces that were to be made for the Italian Royal Navy, they created 4 prototypes made of …

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Panerai Gets Ready to Sail In 2015 Classic Yachts Challenge

Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge 2015

Officine Panerai, a name that is synonymous with the sea, has announced their involvement with the Classic Yacht Challenge in 2015. This partnership is now entering it’s 11th year and was highlighted with a special edition Panerai PAM571 that was released for their 10 year anniversary last year. Yachting, all be it as competitive as any sport out there, remains one of …

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Forever Friends – Russian Paneristi Event 2015

Panerai Russia Event

When I finally decided that I wanted to buy a Panerai watch to start my luxury watch collection, I had no idea what type of community was behind it. I am one of those guy that will research till no end whenever I want to buy anything. Whether it is a new TV, Car, or a new suit, I want …

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Panerai Sponsors Lunch for Sailing Heals

Panerai Yacht Classic

With the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge around the corner the sailing season has begun in a very touching way for the Italian based brand. The first Regatta is scheduled for April 1st in Antigua but this past Sunday Officine Panerai partnered with their U.S. Sailing charity Sailing Heals to host the first ever lunch and sail dedicated to children in Miami. The …

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